The Best Technology Gadgets In 2017

There are constantly new gadgets coming out nowadays in a variety of industries with consistent innovation. It can be seen as the golden age of technology for gadget lovers everywhere. There is plenty of gadgets out on the market to choose from. One of the more popular products recently is the wireless range extenders. These help improve WiFi signal strength where it may be lacking. Otherwise, we will be going over some of the top gadgets in 2017.

Top Technology Gadgets In 2017

1. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo shocked the world when it unveiled the Nintendo Switch. Geared as a console and portable hybrid, it is truly one of the most innovative things to come out of the video game industry in a long time. While the premise sounds simple, a tablet paired with controllers on the side, Nintendo absolutely nailed it in terms of design and functionality. The Switch has become a red hot seller and Nintendo is having a difficult time keeping it in stock. While the power is certainly underwhelming for a console standard, it is incredible when you consider it as a portable device. It is capable of playing some of the latest and greatest games crammed into a tiny tablet.

2. Amazon Echo

If you are someone that is really into home automation, the Amazon Echo remains one of the best gadgets on the marketplace. Amazon had a significant head start on its major competition in the space. As a result, they are still ahead of the pack in terms of compatibility and features. Along with this, the integration into the Amazon ecosystem is unparalleled and makes using the smart speaker a joy. If you are currently subscribed to Amazon Prime, there is simply no reason not to own one.

3. Microsoft Xbox One X

This console is expected to release in the holiday season of 2017. This console is determined to be the single most powerful console on the entire market. Microsoft managed to do wonderful things with this particular model which makes it gaming enthusiasts dream console. Not only did they pair the fastest processor ever placed in a console in the unit, but they added the best possible GPU that has ever been inside of a console as well. Therefore, this console is expected to turn heads as it can play a lot of games in native 4K.

4. Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift came out a while ago. But it is quickly gaining steam as they cut the price temporarily. As one of the top VR headsets, it is now the fastest selling VR system on the market and with the addition of the touch controllers which were omitted when the system first released, it is now one of the best values on the market for virtual reality. This system, along with the other VR systems, are changing the way gamers interact with games.

Overall, there have been a lot of different innovations recently. The gadgets above are some of the top available gadgets in their respective markets for the year 2017. Whether you are into smart home technology or gaming, there are plenty of gadgets to consider.